How to Attract More Readers to your Blog

Just like the title says, listed below are outstanding methods to attract readers to your blog and keep them glued to your posts. I’ll also round up some relevant posts just for reference so fasten your seat belt and don’t think of switching your tab.

The Big Question: How do I attract readers to my blog and keep them glued to the blog?

Here we go!

power of your blog writing

Compelling Title

That’s just the first on the list, the title of a post determines how it’s going to excel in places like online communities and social media regardless of the content. This can either bring a flood of visitors to your blog or earn you just a few clicks. Below are some useful posts title* on how to create a compelling title.


Mere seeing your title, visitors are going to crave for your content but is it absorbing?

Mostly, the first paragraph of your blog post matters a lot. It’s your choice though; you can frame it with something interesting be it tutorials or whatever it is you think they’ll need. That will keep the reader on the blog for a while and thus improve your bounce rate. These tips below are definitely going to help.

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  • 5 Secret of writing captivating content
  • How to write great blog content

Attractive Images

An image which we all know speaks a thousand words. Back in the days when we’re still kids, I’d prefer reading books with lots of pictures instead of reading just texts. The same applies to your blog, posts with images makes the blog lively and keep visitors longer.

To get some quality images for your blog you can always check out Depositphotos, Pixabay, & Adobe shutter-stock, you can always find evergreen photos there.

Challenges visitors face when they visit your blog.

It doesn’t stop at having an attractive title, interesting content, or an attractive image. There some qualities your blog must have in order to keep those visitors or even convert them to returning visitors.


Nobody would love to visit a slow blog, to improve the speed of your blog you can check out the review I wrote about hostinger, I’ve been with them for a while and my blog loads in milliseconds.


The design of your blog matters as well, go for a smooth design with easy navigation, accessibility, and readability. If you’re looking for a better design then this review is for you.

That’s just a bit I have about attracting readers to your blog and I’m sure you’ll find the references helpful. Your two cents are appreciated, you can drop them in the comment below.

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