Setting goal for blogging

A goal is mandatory to achieve a target professionally and personally in life, without setting any goal you can’t fulfill your dream. Goal help to go in the right direction.

I talk about the goal of blogging everyone should set a goal for a blog post. But before start blogging set the preferences otherwise you will face a lot of problems. There are no. of things you can do for targeting your goal.  These are below as.

How to set your goal?

To accomplish your blog goal you also need to know how to set a goal. There are some key elements that are very helpful to set a goal and archive them. So follows the listed step to reach your ambition.

1.  Decide what you want:-  keep in mind what is your expectation from a blog post such as how many no. of visitors come daily on your blog, no. of comment per blog post and no. of social media followers.

2.  Decide Amount of time:-  set a daily limit for how much time you want to spend on blog e.g. spend one hours or more time to write a blog daily.

3.  Treat as a hobby:-  achieve your blog goal treats the blog as a hobby, write a blog and set a target for the blog post or you may write one or two blogs in a week or later double it.

Goal setting
blog goal setting

4.  Follows the S.M.A.R.T. method:- a SMART method is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bounded to set your blogging goal. Click To Tweet                                

  •     Specific:  your goal should be clear and well defined or in the right direction, what you decide you get easily. You will have a clear aim to achieve your goal.
  •     Measurable:-  your objective should be measurable that you can set a fix time amount or date till that you can check your degree of success. If you fail to score then you work hard to establish the goal.
  •     Attainable:- you make sure that your goal is achievable or in hand that is easy to attain. If that is not possible you will lose your confidence and don’t be demotivated.
  •     Relevant:-  your goal should be relevant in direction what you want in your life or profession. however, you will keep in mind your target is related and go ahead to fulfill them.
  •     Time-bounded:-  you set your goal deadline.if you work in fix amount of time you will definitely achieve your goal fast and efficiently.

5.  Make Action plan:-  an action plan is the main step to meet your goal. You should write down all the steps you needed along the way for a blog post and write each individual steps, and complete one by one then cross each after do.

6.  Stick with it:-  after setting goal set a reminder that keeps yourself on track and makes regular time-slots available to review your goals.

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