Top 9 Important SEO Key Points For Any Website

1. Core Web Vital

2. Server Speed

3. Publishing Frequency

People want lots of quality content, and they want it all the time. The more content that is published on a daily schedule, the better.

4. Number Of Indexed Page

If Google isn’t indexing your pages, that may mean there’s something wrong with your content and/or the entire website.

5. Search Console Impression

Search Console shows How often your site appeared in the search results for a variety of keyword phrases.

6. Excessive Scrolling

6. Excessive Scrolling

Excessive scrolling is a user experience data point provided by Microsoft Clarity.

7. Reading Behavior

Reading Behavior is another Microsoft Clarity data point.

8. Scroll Data

The Scroll Data Microsoft Clarity metric is very important because it reveals how far down webpage users are scrolling.

9. Image Size

This is a data point related to speed. Mobile data bandwidth can be barely usable.

10. Missing Or Duplicate Meta Data.

Duplicate or missing title tags and meta descriptions are especially bad and surprisingly common on websites.